Amalfi coast

October 2015

Walking between villages along one of the most spectacular coastlines in Italy. The Amalfi coast is simply breathtaking.


We rented this house in Minori, called “Il Campanile” agrotourism. The house wasn’t accessible by car, which is common in this area.

View from our house over Minori village

Plenty of staircases when walking here

Minori beach front

A “tunnel street” in Minori

Torello, a small village between Minori and Ravello

Ravello main square

Ravello street

View towards Pontone village (and Pogerola further away in the distance) shortly before the Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone

View from the terrace in the villa garden

Descending from Ravello towards Atrani

Entering the Drogone valley

Reaching Atrani town


Atrani was perhaps the most exotic town we visited, like a pirate’s nest. The streets were very narrow, often tunnels.

The main square in Atrani. The street to the left is probably the largest “road” in the village :)

The church in Atrani, seen from the bus stop

One last view of the packed town of Atrani

DAY 2 (20/10): MINORI – MAIORI

View into the Sambuco valley behind Minori


Pizza and wine at a trattoria

Waiting for the bus in Maiori


We took the bus to Amalfi town, probably the most beautiful of the ones we visited, but also the most touristy.

We started ascending towards Pontone village.

Amalfi is really squeezed in between steep mountains and the sea.

View towards Amalfi from Pontone village

In the outskirts of Pontone village

Entering the Ferriere valley

We reached the valley floor at this ruin of an old mill.

Behind the mill was a couple of nice waterfalls.

We passed several ruins of old paper mills on the way back to Amalfi.


Pretty bad weather this day. Instead of doing the high walk around the Ferriere valley, we decided on the Sambuco valley. The latter route started at our house, so we could just as well give it a try in spite of the bad weather. It was mostly in the forest and less touristy as it was further from the coast.

Through chestnut woods

A lot of chestnuts…

View of the valley from Sambuco village. This felt like a genuine farming village, far from the tourist crowds of the coast.

There were some old mill ruins in this village too.


We saved the best for last, and the weather was finally sunny. This is by far the most popular and famous trail on the Amalfi coast. And rightly so, because the views were the best we saw on the entire trip.

Descending from the Agerola plateu.

Old rock dwellings

An interesting rock pillar, split at the top

Rock walls that were full of caves

After Colle della sera, we reached this fountain and suddenly the classic view of the coastline opened up for us.

These views are why “The path of the Gods” is so famous


Nocelle village, the end of the hike

View from Nocelle

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