Saxon villages

April 2017

Hiking among the saxon villages of southern Transylvania. This was Simon’s very first trip abroad, and his very first proper hiking trip.

DAY 0 (27/4): Medias

Our trip started with a flight from Malmö to Cluj, where we had time for a lunch at the restaurant Samsara – a superb vegetarian restaurant. We had many very nice meals on the trip, but this very first meal was never exceeded :)

Next, we went by train to the cosy town Medias. It had a nicely renovated old town, and we stayed in an apartment overlooking the main park and the cathedral.

The view from our bedroom in Medias.

DAY 1 (28/4): Copsa Mare – Biertan

We took a taxi to Copsa Mare village.

After visiting the old saxon church, we had lunch at a playground. Very soon local children showed up, and played with Finn and Simon.

The hike starts.

Ingmar said: “Finn is sleeping like a log”

Last view of the old saxon church in Copsa Mare.

Sand lizard

First view of Biertan village. In the center of the village is one of the largest and most famous of all the saxon fortified churches.

Our accommodation, next to the triple defensive walls.

Practical solution, with good ventilation too…

Typical saxon architecture

DAY 2 (29/4): Biertan – Dupus – Atel

Leaving Biertan

Typical landscape of the area

Traffic jam

European green lizard (Lacerta viridis)

Watching geese in Dupus

The police house of the village. It was also used as a kindergarten :)

Walking a hollow way through the forest, out of Dupus.

Sara & Simon

Corn storage in Atel

Finn feeding a donkey

View of Atel village and its saxon church.


DAY 3 (30/4): Atel – Brateiu

A school bus jeep.


It had rained during the night, so the paths were very muddy. We left the road and walked in the forest instead.

Cow’s skull

Brateiu and its saxon church.

Brothers :)

The Brateiu “railway station”. A few concrete blocks on the ground is the only clue that this is where the train stops…

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