Sighisoara & Breite

May 2017

Breite is the name of a nature reserve which can be described as a savannah of meadows and huge oak trees. There are hundreds of oaks, many of them several hundred years old. These meadows cover the top of a long ridge, surrounded by steep beech forests. Breite is located just outside the town Sighisoara, a beutiful town that is considered to be one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world.

Sighisoara clock tower

Sighisoara fortification towers

Time to hike! The trail started by ascending through nice beech forest.

We finally reached the Breite plateu – a savannah of meadows and giant oaks.

Gray-headed woodpecker (“Gråspett” in Swedish)

Breite must be a paradise for insects, with so many oaks in various states of decay.

Leaving Breit to descend through the forest back to Sighisoara.

View of the Sighisoara suburbs.

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