May 2019

A short day-hike through a lovely valley to a nice waterfall, and a 1000 meters high rockwall.


Driving south from Permet, you get some amazing views of the Nemerckë mountain.

The valley with the steep wall is where our hike will be.

The rock wall at the end of the valley is about 1000 meters high.

In Strambëc village.

After half an hour walking or so, we had a break on this meadow. Note the “split” peak in the distance.

We passed an area with several large trees.

Suddenly we thought that we heard thunder. But it was actually the sound of snow falling down from above the high rock wall.

Sopotit waterfall. All its water comes from one single large spring, just above the waterfall.

Me & Ingmar ascended above the waterfall to get closer to the 1000 m wall. We saw this nice halo (circular rainbow around the sun).

The upper part of the valley was amazing. Photos don’t do it justice.

This dog kept us company on the way back.

Sopotit waterfall from a distance

We took an unmarked route back. The first part, getting to a water reservoir, was a bit tricky. But after that the path was perfect. Nice views the whole way.

Just outside Strambec village

Huge walnut tree

Back in Strambëc


The next day we did some swimming in these hot springs near Permet.

There is an old ottoman bridge across the river, right by the hot spring pools.

The water was warm but not hot, and they didn’t smell much like sulphur.

The water was clear and nice.

If you follow the river upstreams, you will enter the Lengarica canyon. We just walk in 100 meters or so to visit some small caves. If you walk further, the gorge will become more narrow and deep, probably quite impressive. We will do that next time we visit :)

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