Balea Lac

August 2018

Day-hikes from the hut, located at 2000 meters altitude in the heart of the Fagaras mountains.


This day we walked the blue stripe trail going east-west across the slopes south of the lake.

The location of the hut is fantastic. The terrace of the restaurant would have offered exceptional tranquility with the sound of a distant waterfall, if the restaurant hadn’t played loud music all of the time…

Arriving at the ridge where the descent back to the hut starts.

House of the mountain rescue service.


A challenging day for Finn, to ascend 300+ meters on a steep and rocky trail, up to the ridge and then down a 100 meters or so to the lake. And finally back the same way again. He made it!

Sunny weather it seems.

Clouds moving in…

Starting the ascent.

The kids watching a shepherd

The shepherd’s dogs

The sheep were heading for Caltun lake too

Caltun lake

Returning trough mist

Don’t go too close to the edge, please

View of the Transfagarasean road (famous as “the world’s best road” from the TV show Top Gear)


A nice trail, but Finn was a bit too tired to walk. Not strange, considering how tough it was yesterday. I walked half-way up the valley towards lui Butreanu peak, just to have a look. Wonderful scenery, but I didn’t bring my camera.


Taking the gondola lift down.

The kids loved it

Balea waterfall visible in the distance.

A roma man offered us a lift in his horse and cart to the village railway station :)

Back in Sibiu city


August 2018

Attempting the highest peak of Romania, with a start & finish at the Sambata monastery. We reached the Vistea refuge near Moldoveanu, but the zero visibility in the mist made a climb of the peak quite pointless. Still, a very nice hike in a superb mountain.

DAY 1: CABANA SAMBATA (2008-07-07)

The lower part of the valley from the Sambata monastery was not too exciting, with a dirt road and forest affected by forestry. However, the last couple of kilometers or so the scenery and nature was superb.

The northern slopes of Fagaras rises abruptly from the plains.

Upper part of the valley.

Cabana Simbata hut. Accommodation cost about 6 euro.

DAY 2: CABANA SAMBATA – Moldoveanu (2008-07-08)

Ascending to the ridge on the sunny morning. We saw a few marmots here.

On the ridge

First view of Moldoveanu peak, the highpoint of Romania (2544 m). Moldoveanu is the peak to the left of the twin-peaked mountain.

Me and Moldoveanu

View of the wilderness to the north. The rain is falling somewhere around Poienari castle, the stronghold of Vlad Tepes (Dracula).

The Vistea refuge

Having lunch in the Vistea refuge

Damn! The bad weather have reached Moldoveanu…

The bad weather got worse, and so we spent the night in the shelter, hoping for sunshine the next morning. More hikers arrived and in the end we were about 15 people, quite cramped.


The weather started out pretty bad. But we took a chance and walked anyway. But soon the weather got worse, with rain and strong winds, so we aborted the climb of Moldoveanu. Safety first!

We returned to the Simbata valley. Now the mist started to disappear.

No time to go back to Moldoveanu now, so we descended into the Simbata valley.

Back at the Simbata hut the sun was shining again.

Walknig back through the lower Simbata valley towards Simbata monastery.

Sebastian showing off his redneck tan :)